Comprehensive Freight Bill
Processing & Auditing

Freight Bill Processing

Vee Technologies uses cutting-edge information management technologies and dedicated operations teams to improve freight bill processing. We convert manual freight bill processing to automated rating and EDI invoice submission, giving your business the productivity and cost savings that accompany a rapid EDI migration.

Freight payments are complicated transactions, processing them necessitates dedicating resources, cash, and resources to deal with volume. Vee Technologies facilitates multiple transportation types including land, sea, and air, as well as LTL, TL, and parcel shipments, while ensuring accuracy and consistency across each.

Our strategy deploys cost-effective methods for acquiring data, matching it, and integrating it to generate useful insights for decision-making. This level of detail not only streamlines the way that services are delivered, but creates a positive impact throughout the business.

Freight Bill Processing Services

The full freight bill procedure is completed using innovative data collection methods from businesses and their suppliers. As a result, they have the tools and knowledge necessary to make informed decisions about how to run their business more efficiently.

To streamline this process, Vee Technologies:

  • Accesses the freight bills and completes data entry for the first level verification process.
  • This identifies and removes duplicates, followed by scanning and saving the freight bill on the customer’s server.
  • Second-level data indexing is done immediately, and the final file is saved directly to the customer’s database.

The Auditing Process:

The freight bills that are indexed are compared through an advanced billing software to verify the amount charged by the carrier.

  • If there is a discrepancy between the amount billed and the amount due under the contract, auditing is performed to resolve the issue.
  • The amount billed is compared to the amount owed under your contract. We reconcile the discrepancy by recommending a revised bill amount based on the agreed-upon rate.
  • Freight bills that exceed a certain dollar amount or include accessorial charges that exceed a certain percentage are audited for accuracy.

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