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Manufacturing Engineering

Manufacturing engineering practices are constantly evolving. However, all best practices collectively aim to reduce workspace logistics, improve operator safety and optimize throughput. At Vee Technologies, we provide manufacturing engineering services that align with these industry trends. Our solutions and services for plant engineering, product development, sustenance processes, asset management, and product enhancement help clients successfully tackle current industry challenges, such as disruptive Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs), margin pressures, and volatile markets. We support manufacturers across all the product lifecycle phases, particularly in the production and industrialization of different parts and equipment, by providing project management support or technical assistance.

Vee Technologies’ manufacturing engineering services are powered by extensive industry experience and a team of highly skilled and qualified engineers. We help to improve your manufacturing processes with our pragmatic approach and futuristic technical support. Our in-house technicians and professionals carry decades of experience in the manufacturing field allowing you to quickly mobilize the resources you require to begin working on your assembly or production line.

Our manufacturing expertise includes, but is not limited to, the following:

  • 2D and 3D plant drawings for preliminary design specifications
  • Automation, modernization, and reconstruction of equipment
  • Design work coordination
  • Preparation of plans, drafts and specifications
  • Assembly line productivity improvement
  • Instrumentation schematics
  • 3D scanning for plant layouts

We can also support the designing and manufacturing of jigs for various components that enhance operational efficiency. By streamlining assembly process plans and fixing assembly issues, we help manufacturers complete their projects on time and within budget. Providing comprehensive assistance with sourcing, major system integrations processes and vendor management, we help our clients to develop products efficiently and on time.

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